Horizontal Linkage Single-axis Tracking System

Clenergy Horizontal Linkage Single-axis Tracking System uses a combination control mode encompassing time (GPS-base) and light to achieve a multi-array linkage control that features low costs and high reliability. The system is particularly suitable for middle and low latitudes and it can increase annual power generating capacity up to 20% compared to a fixed-tilt system.

Powerful Functions:

◆ Intelligent Sun Tracking-- Automatically tracks the solar altitude angle without accumulative errors
◆ Shadow Avoidance -- Reduce shading by automatically adjusting the rotation angle of the mounting system
◆ Automatic Wind Shielding -- Enter into wind shielding status when the air velocity exceeds limit values
◆ Safety Protection Features -- Minimize risk through position limitation protection, overload protection and overheat protection
◆ Automatic or manual dust and snow removal functions
◆ Remote Intelligent Monitoring -- Monitor and track operational status using the online website, PC software, or the mobile app

Robust Adaptability:

◆ Accurate astronomical algorithm mitigates environmental and climate impacts
◆ Auxiliary vertical light sensors adjust angle of the mounting system and reduces the impact of natural disasters such as strong winds, heavy snows and hailstorms
◆ Controller Degree of protection: IP65
◆ System Operating temperature range: -40°C to 70°C (Optional heater configuration)

Key Benefits

Easy Installation

◆ Simple mounting structure enables easy installation ◆ Modularization parts design reduces labor cost by eliminating on-site welding

Quality Assurance

◆ The material selection and manufacturing processes strictly comply with the ISO9000 quality control system to guarantee a 25-year system life span ◆ The mounting system has received the SGS certificate and the controller has acquired the CQC certificate




ER-EC-N40IZP.jpg  PV-ezRack Module End Clamp, Nut Series

  Part Number: ER-EC-N40/IZP





BC-HLS.jpg  Bearing for Horizontal Linked Single-Axis Tracker I

  Part Number: BC-HLS





BU-18-5-105-T3.jpg  Bushing,Aluminum

  Part Number: BU-18.5/105/T3





ER-P-HLS/1250.jpg  PV-ezRack Post 1250mm for Horizontal Linked Single-Axis Tracker I

  Part Number: ER-P-HLS/1250





ER-GR-HLS/3400.jpg  PV-ezRack Girder 3400mm for Horizontal Linked Single-Axis Tracker I

  Part Number: ER-GR-HLS/3400





ER-DJ-HLS/14/P.jpg  Delta Joint for φ14 hole  for Horizontal Linked Single-Axis Tracker I

  Part Number: ER-DJ-HLS/14/P





ER-RT-40/25/1119.jpg  Rectangular Tube

  Part Number: ER-RT-40/25/1119





ER-AB-63/40.jpg  Angle Bracket for C-Steel on Girder

  Part Number: ER-AB-63/40





ER-PJ-HLS.jpg  PV-ezRack Plate Joint

  Part Number: ER-PJ-HLS





ER-R-C80/40.jpg  PV-ezRack,C Steel

  Part Number: ER-R-C80/40





ER-SA-HLS/5400.jpg  PV-ezRack, Shaft 4500mm

  Part Number: ER-SA-HLS/5400





ER-SARO-HLS.jpg  PV-ezRack Shaft Rocker

  Part Number: ER-SARO-HLS





ER-PU-HLS/7500.jpg  PV-ezRack Pushrod

  Part Number: ER-PU-HLS/7500





ER-CPI-HLS.jpg  PV-ezRack Compensating Pad

  Part Number: ER-CPI-HLS





ER-SPI-HLS5/50.jpg  PV-ezRack Split Pin

  Part Number: ER-SPI-HLS5/50





ER-DPI-HLS25/190.jpg  PV-ezRack Drive Pin

  Part Number: ER-DPI-HLS25/190






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