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Clenergy provides mounting solution for 20 MW PV power plant in mountainous Ledong, China

Clenergy provides mounting solution for 20 MW PV power plant in mountainous Ledong, China

The project, acknowledged as one of the most complicated solar projects in China due to the unique terrain, utilizes Clenergy’s tailor-made ground mounting systems

A 20MW solar power plant in Ledong, which is in China’s southern Hainan province, linked up to the grid in late December 2013. According to EPC Hubei Electric Engineering Corporation (a subsidiary of Power China), the project was one of the most complicated solar projects in China’s mountainous area in terms of engineering and construction difficulties. Clenergy, the clean energy investor and solar solution provider, was proud to be selected as the project’s mounting system supplier.


The solar facility is built on 99 acres (0.4km2) of mountainous land near the local hydroelectric power station. The huge challenges during construction of the plant included complex terrain, steep slopes, varying slope aspects and divergent soil conditions, all of which required multiple technical breakthroughs. Clenergy was up for the challenge and supplied tailor-made C-steel mounting solutions and products for the project.


“Created with developers and installers in mind, we focused on how our mounting system helps to cope with a variable terrain,” said Swiden Tian, Clenergy’s senior system engineer. “We put together unique solutions that fully accommodate the specific conditions of the divided site areas, ensuring the rationality and reliability of the system,” added Mr. Tian. 


The tailor-made mounting products have Clenergy PV-ezRack series’ usual advantages such as great compatibility and ease of installation. Mr. Tian noted that the mounting products “are especially engineered and optimized for greater strength to resist the typhoons that often hit the area in summer.”


Beyond excellent engineering and products, Clenergy also provides efficient project support, including initial site inspections, comprehensive on-site installation guidance and efficient customer service, ensuring the project’s smooth installation. 


Upon the project’s completion, local residents and businesses can enjoy the benefits of clean energy. The solar arrays generate enough energy to offset approximately 9,000 tons of CO2 emissions, making a solid contribution to the government’s efforts to lessen pollution and boost the tourism economy.