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Clenergy Won a Bid for 5 MW Solar Tracker in Thailand

Featured with design of precision and premium quality, Clenergy’s self-developed EzTracker-M2 Solar Tracker beat all the competitors in a bid in Thailand, winning a big order of 5 MW for Clenergy. For the 1st quarter of 2018, Clenergy has achieved a total sale of 11 MW Solar Tracker in Thailand.


This order is for a project located in Thailand’s northeast area—Udon Thaini. The climate there is dry and hot, which promises abundant solar resource. To provide the best solution that is with high quality ground mount and high cost efficiency, Clenergy has studied all the aspects of this project and eventually chosen EzTracker-M2 to be used for this project. EzTracker-M2 tracking system developed by Clenergy adopts the industry’s cutting-edge tracking technology and the model of “astronomical algorithm + closed loop control”, which allows it to track the Sun automatically and ultimately to increase power generation by up to 20%, compared to the fixed-tilt system. Therefore, this system will reduce the cost per kWh to achieve more and stable profits for the long term.


Thailand has become one of the most active countries in South Asia in developing clean energy along the course to reduce its reliance on gas energy. Thailand has planned to proportion its clean energy consumption to 30% of the total energy consumption in 2036, which is 8% now.


Clenergy will remain a good partner to provide Thailand with PV ground mounting of high cost performance. Meanwhile, with the experience gained through all these years, Clenergy will seize every opportunity for the development of new solution to promote and popularize the application of clean energy.