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Clenergy AP Made New Milestone Flag in Vietnam

Clenergy AP Made New Milestone Flag in Vietnam


The two-day Vietnam Solar Energy 2017 was rounded off on 27 October. The purpose of this event is to broadcast Vietnam’s policies on solar sector and build up a wider platform for cooperation. There are a total of over 250 participants and 12 exhibitors which consists of panels & inverter manufacturers, project owners, EPCs, global investors and consultants.




In Vietnam, electricity demand is growing over 10% per year, plus the high natural solar radiation, has made Vietnam one of the most potential solar market in ASEAN. Government is supportive with renewable energy providing attractive FiT(USD cents 9.35 per kWh), wavier of Import tax and Corporate Tax discount, potential of 4GW capacity of solar projects to be released by 2025.




Vietnam’s renewable energy sector is growing rapidly. Both local and international players shall join hands to seek the opportunities and tackle the challenges ahead of the industry. From this event, Clenergy AP has made its new milestone flag in Vietnam. With the help of emerging solar market in Vietnam, our products and brand see more chances and confidence in the future.